About Visit Ogdensburg

We’re a grassroots tourism hub promoting Ogdensburg’s events, restaurants, hotels and small businesses, but in spirit, we’re basically the functional online aspect of the Ogdensburg Project.

the Ogdensburg Project

Technical Definition: the Ogdensburg Project (tOP) – A grassroots initiative to help Burgies and surrounding communities work together to better the region as a whole.

What We Do in Real Life: We try to make Ogdensburg a better place to live and grow. How? tOP’s main focus is to create an active sense of community and to garner support for small businesses in Ogdensburg which will in turn improve the city as a whole.

We do this by facilitating discussions and taking action to create changes in the community. We plan cleanups. We promote local events. We do a lot of stuff online, specifically through Visit Ogdensburg.

Why Visit Ogdensburg? Pride is a sensitive subject in our town. On a personal level, our sense of community is something we can easily take pride in, but on a professional & economic level, we struggle. That’s the truth. We struggle to convert our personal support systems into professional channels that help us thrive on a more regional and even international level.

Visit Ogdensburg aims to turn that communal strength into regional strength – into a professional gain. We want to promote tourism that will support local businesses, and most importantly, to educate and support our local community so that we can all support each other.

With Visit Ogdensburg, word of mouth events can be channeled through an event calendar to get more reach. Businesses owned by friends of friends down the road can be found through a directory that can win new customers.

In general, by giving Ogdensburg a more professional presence online, we can stir up a new sense of interest for tourists who are looking for a reason to venture our way and Visit Ogdensburg.

How Can You Support VO?

Anyone Who Cares Can:

Donate Now

Soon we’ll be selling T-shirts and planning events to raise money to cover the costs of running and promoting this website and the businesses and local events within, but for now, we’re self-funded and keen for some financial help!

Local Business Owners Can:

Join Our Directory

Joining our Directory will of course help you raise more awareness for your business, but it’s also a great way to show the local community you’re on board with our efforts, and it really helps us out! It’s like a donation that gives you more than just warm fuzzy feelings in return.

Anyone Planning an Event Can:

Add an Event to Our Calendar

Add an event to the calendar will obviously help you raise more awareness and hopefully win you more attendees, but it’s also a great way to support our overall project! Yet again, it’s like a donation that gives you more than just warm fuzzy feelings in return.