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Support local businesses and the communities they serve by shopping local! Ogdensburg is ripe with local talents selling hand-crafted and custom-made artisan goods & wares, and more local store fronts are popping up all of the time!

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Local Retail Stores

Ogdensburg Shopping

Our local shops offer a unique taste of the North Country, from specialty foods and hand-made furniture to local artisan goods and merchandise. But small town shopping isn’t just about buying stuff. It’s about supporting local families and community members by supporting the businesses they manage. So check out what’s on offer in our store fronts and shops and even our garage sales and markets.

Local Artisans

Local Artisan Goods & Wares

Ogdensburg is home to many hidden talents. Check out the handmade goods, crafts, wares & more. Perfect gifts for friends & loved ones or treat yourself with something special and unique to our area.

Thrift Shops & Consignment

Thrift Shops & Consignment in Ogdensburg

Looking for antique items, pre-loved goods or secondhand finds? Check out what’s on in Ogdensburg, from consignment & thrift stores to local garage sales!